Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to Valentine's Day

Does it seem to you peculiar
And to this I am inclined
To say that one day makes us crazier
Than all the rest combined?
And have you by chance noticed
That when the 14th comes around
Store shelves are full of chocolates
And confections do abound:
Chocolate kisses, pink m and m's
And candy hearts that read:
"Call me" "love you" "marry me"
And "You're the one I need."
Hallmark specials, heart-shaped pillows,
Bath and body stuff,
Balloons with sayings, mushy cards,
And if that is not enough:
Teddy bears, pajama grams,
Roses and perfumes,
Romantic dinners, moonlight cruises,
Candle-scented rooms.
And while we're on the subject
Of love and candy hearts
We'll include that chubby cherub
With his quiver full of darts.
That Cupid lad is quite the imp.
He simply won't relent
Until he has you close at hand,
Romance is his intent.
And when he finds his victim,
This funny little sprite
Takes aim and shoots straight at the heart,
And much to his delight
He hits the mark, he gets his prey.
To be a little more precise,
One more chump has met his fate
And he will pay the price:
Upscale restaurants, movie dates,
Expensive jewelry,
Fancy clothes, exotic trips,
Flowers sent FTD.
And possibly, just possibly
It seems quite evident
That this could lead to something more,
Say something permanent!
Like a ring, a wedding, then a home.
Add two kids or three,
In-laws, cousins, grandparents,
An extended family.
And on and on the cycle goes.
I'm relieved, I'll not pretend.
'Cause if it stopped, we'd all be cooked
Since life on earth would end!
So I solemnly now determine
That I promise not to gripe,
But enjoy this day of Valentine
In spite of all the hype.
Bring in on, every bit of it,
The gift, the song, the treat,
For this day is a reminder
Of  what makes life so sweet!


Pastor Larry said...

You are my Valentine! :)

Grace G said...

I Love it!! Happy V-day! =)